Diamond in the Rough

Independent Jewellers and Snow Valley Ski Club are exited to announce the "Diamond in the Rough" Contest! 

All summer long, from May 31 to September 15, 2024, you have the chance to win a STUNNING 1.00ct Canadian Diamond Ring!

GIVEAWAY - 14kt Gold 1.00ct Canadian Diamond Ring

How to Enter:

In-Person Entry: Fill out a ballot at Snow Valley's Rainbow Valley Campground (max 1 per person per day).
Bonus Entries: Make a qualifying purchase of Mining Rough at Whitemud Creek Mining Co. to earn up to 4 additional bonus entries per bag!

Don’t miss your chance to shine! Visit Snow Valley for unforgettable summer adventures and your shot at winning this dazzling prize. ✨

Good luck!

Canadian Diamonds: Unveiling Ethical and High-Quality Gems

Canadian diamonds refer to diamonds that are mined in Canada. Since their discovery in the early 1990s in the Northwest Territories, Canadian diamonds have surged in popularity and are now highly sought after in the global market. Known for their high quality, these precious stones are often regarded as a great choice.

The Canadian diamond industry has been credited with providing a major economic boost in northern Canada, creating jobs and contributing to the local economies. The mines follow stringent environmental regulations and are held to a high standard of operation. Canada is now among the top five diamond-producing countries in terms of carat weight, delivering a product that combines luxury with a commitment to ethical mining practices.

Are Canadian Diamonds Rare?

Canada's diamond production yields a notably higher ratio of pristine, gem-quality deposits. Renowned for their superior color and clarity, as well as minimal fluorescence, Canadian diamonds are a rare and highly valued find in the jewellery market.

Exploring the Surprising Link Between Diamonds and Pencils

Diamonds and pencils may seem like very different objects, but they do have one thing in common: both are made of carbon. In diamonds, carbon atoms are arranged in a crystal lattice structure, resulting in the hardest natural material known to man. On the other hand, in pencils, carbon is mixed with clay to create the "lead" that leaves marks on paper. It's fascinating to think that these two everyday objects, one associated with luxury and the other with practicality, both trace their origins back to the same basic building block of carbon.


Snow Valley Ski Club, a not-for-profit organization in Edmonton, offers year-round outdoor adventures that promote healthy lifestyles and community! For 75 years, Snow Valley has been Edmonton's home of family winter fun. More recently, they've extended the excitement to summer with attractions like the Aerial Park Tower, Rainbow Valley Campground, Target Golf, Mini Golf, and the Whitemud Creek Mining Co. Visit Snow Valley for unforgettable summer adventures in the heart of Edmonton. Learn more at snowvalley.ca.

Canadian Diamond Jewellery

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