7 Point Diamond Guarantee

1. Loss Guarantee-  If you should lose a diamond from your mounting within 2 years from date of purchase due to manufacturers defect, the diamond will be replaced without charge, providing your ring(s) has not been visibly tampered with and has been examined in accordance with paragraph 6 hereof.

2. Mounting Guarantee- Your mounting is guaranteed for 5 years against all defects of material or workmanship. If any defect develops it will be repaired without charge providing your ring(s) is examined in accordance with paragraph 6 hereof.

3. Free Sizing-  At any time within 2 years from date of purchase, you may receive one complimentary ring sizing (up to 2 sizes) for the corresponding merchandise listed on the front of your invoice.

4. Full Trade-In Allowance-  At any time, on presentation of this guarantee or your bill of sale; and providing your diamond has not been damaged, you may trade up your present ring and receive full credit for the amount paid on your original purchase towards any other diamond ring, provided the net purchase of the new ring is 50% more than the original purchase.

Lab-grown diamonds, special and custom orders are not eligible for our Trade-Up policy.

5. Free Personal Certificate of Appraisal- At any time within 5 years from the date of purchase, upon request, you will receive one written appraisal for the corresponding diamond(s) on the front of the invoice.

6. Semi-Annual Examination- At six-month intervals, from the date of purchase, you must present your diamond guarantee together with your diamond ring(s) for examination by one of our experienced jewellers. We will keep a record of the completed inspection in your client profile. Failure to do so will cause this guarantee to become null and void.

*If you are unable to make it in-store for inspections, please contact us for an alternative option. 

7. After sale service- We will gladly clean and inspect your diamond, after the guarantee period, at no charge to you and we suggest that you continue to have this done every six months.

Independent Jewellers can help you care for your diamond, but there are certain precautions that you should take yourself.

Although a diamond is the hardest substance known to man, it can still chip or crack if subject to a sharp blow. Care should be taken when you are performing any physical task. Diamonds must be kept clean to assure their most brilliant performance. Lotions, powders, soaps, even natural skin oils, put a film on diamonds and cut down their brilliance.