Wedding Band Styles

 A wedding band complements the engagement ring and is often worn alone. These symbols of eternal love come in various styles to suit your lifestyle and unique personal flair. Here’s a rundown on the top four wedding band styles today. 

Classic wedding band


Since the earliest times, the wedding ring was simply a metal band meant to represent love; this band style is still very popular. Gold is the traditional metal used, but it also comes in contemporary designs (read more here). 

Eternity wedding band

An eternity ring symbolizes never-ending love between two people. There are a few main types of eternity band settings: channel, pave, bezel, and bead setting. While the diamonds around this type of wedding band can require a higher investment, the eternity ring definitely makes a statement. 

Pave wedding band


Pave, from the French word ‘paving,’ is a setting which creates a continuous line of gemstones. Accent diamonds are set closely together in this style to maximize sparkle. This ring style exposes the diamonds so they can shine brighter, giving the illusion that the diamonds are bigger. 

One downside to pave bands is that it’s more prone to damage as the diamonds are more exposed than channel-set diamonds. 

Channel wedding band


In a channel-set wedding band, the diamonds lay side by side within a metal channel, which makes up the sides of the ring. Diamonds in the channel setting are set into a groove which keeps them secure. This ring style is comfortable to wear and an excellent choice for those working with hands.