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It’s nothing new to recognize that your staff is the backbone of your company. They’re on the ground floor every day, creating the strength and reputation of your brand. Keeping those star employees and motivating them to continue to work hard and go above and beyond is as simple as honoring them with a gift of appreciation.

What is an employee recognition program, and why do you need one?

Employees that feel appreciated and recognized for their efforts are more likely to work harder, be more productive, stay longer, and help boost company culture. So, how do you make them feel appreciated beyond their regular salary? Employee recognition programs! ➡️READ MORE

Check out this video where our General Manager and the head of our Corporate division talk about Independent Jewellers' Employee Rewards Program. They answer your important questions like, how we do things differently, delivery timelines, and why cash isn't king anymore. 


Employee Reward Order Platform

Our jewellery designers and master goldsmiths will work with you to create custom recognition gifts that are unique to your business, gifts that your employees will be proud to receive. Our in-house support team will save your HR team time and stress by taking tedious management tasks off their plate. With our easy-to-use platform and live support team, your staff will be able to complete orders on their own. Try the Independent Jewellers Corporate Awards Program order platform, your HR manager will love it.

Custom Award Jewellery

We strive to make the custom design process an easy and enjoyable experience. We do everything in-store, from CAD design to production. And with 45 years of experience, you can feel confident that the jewellery will be perfectly crafted and your employees will be happy to wear it.

Custom Engraving

Make your employee feels unique with a meaningful engraved gift. Create a meaningful message for a watch, ring, charm, and more. Or engrave your logo on the front or back of a watch to keep your brand top of mind. Our engraved gifts are sure to impress.

Retirement Gifts

Retirement is not just a time for goodbyes, it’s a time for celebration too. It’s the completion of a successful career, a time to acknowledge achievements, and the new beginning into the next phase of their life. Traditionally, a watch is given as a retirement gift. In the 1940s, PepsiCo would give a golden watch with an engraved message, “You gave us your time, now we give you time.” Watches, especially when personalized, are still a classic and thoughtful way to express gratitude and say goodbye.

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