Common Metal Types



Gold is one of the best metals for jewellery, and the pure form of gold is  24kt. Gold is often mixed with metals like zinc, platinum, nickel and copper as in its purest form can be extremely soft and will bend and scratch very easily. Gold is measured in karats, describing the ratio of the metal to the components it's alloyed with. 

  • 24 karat gold is 100% gold
  • 22 karats is 92% 
  • 18 karats is 75%
  • 14 karats 58% 
  • 10 karats is 41%

Gold doesn't tarnish on its own; even the old jewellery piece can be professionally polished and get the lustre back. Gold can be discoloured by chlorine, and we recommend not to swim in gold jewellery in the swimming pools or hot tubs.


Tungsten has a hardness rating second only to diamond. Tungsten comes from the Swedish term 'tung sten,' meaning 'heavy stone .' Because of its durability, tungsten is an excellent choice for men's wedding bands, especially for those working with hands. They are a common choice for people working in jobs like constriction or landscaping. The tungsten bands are hypoallergenic, unexpensive, will never bend or scratch, and will stay polished forever. The con of tungsten wedding bands is that they cannot be resized. If your ring size changes, Independent Jewellers offers one free ring exchange two years from the date of purchase. Tungsten has a natural gunmetal grey colour and can be incorporated with gold in many wedding bands' designs.


Ceramic wedding bands are in style now. They are similar to tungsten rings in that they are extremely hard and scratch-resistant, but they weigh less than tungsten bands. Ceramic bands are hypoallergenic and excellent for people with severe skin conditions. Their inflexibility predisposes them to shatter or break if you drop them. These rings cannot be resized, but they cost significantly less than other materials. If your ring size changes, Independent Jewellers offers one free ring exchange two years from the date of purchase. If you are looking for a black or white wedding band, ceramic bands are an excellent choice for you. They are also the perfect choice for active people because they are lightweight; you will barely notice them on your finger. 


Of all the contemporary wedding ring metals, cobalt chrome is the most similar in colour to white gold. However, unlike white gold, it does not require rhodium-plating to bring in a luxurious appearance. Because cobalt doesn't tarnish, the lustre remains for a long time. It is scratch-resistant but softer than ceramic and tungsten bands, and its weight is similar to white gold, which is a neutral, comfortable feeling. Resizing a cobalt ring can be difficult or impossible (depending on the difference in size), but we offer one free ring exchange two years from the date of purchase.

Regardless of what some might say, Cobalt chrome, tungsten and ceramic wedding bands can all safely be removed in an emergency with cutting tools.