Gift Guide

How to choose the gift of jewellery?

Tips on finding the perfect jewellery piece for your loved one.

Jewelry is a gift that says, "You are important to me, and I want you to always feel beautiful and unique." But how do you choose the right piece?

To give an incredible jewellery gift, spend some time thinking about the gift receiver's jewellery style and overall personal style. We have prepared a few questions that may guide you along the way.

 Gift giving considerations

With the gift receiver in mind, consider the following things:

  • Small vs. large: Do they wear simple, small pieces like classic stud earrings? Or, do they prefer large, bold pieces?
  • Metal color: What color of metal do they wear—white, yellow, or rose?
  • Pierced ears: Do they have pierced ears and wear earrings?
  • Preferred colours: Do they like colour gemstones, or do they prefer neutral-colour gemstones?
  • Bracelets: Do they wear bracelets?

After you address these questions, you may now pick the category you want to choose the special gift from. 

Pendant gifts

A pendant is the safest gift for your loved ones. Pendants are available on any budget, which makes them suitable for all occasions. 

Depending on the gift receiver's personality, you may choose a simple, classic style. Or, you could personalize the gift by selecting, for example, a zodiac sign pendant or a pendant with a birthstone. 

A heart-shaped necklace is always the perfect way to say, "I love you." 


Only choose earrings if you're certain that the gift receiver has pierced ears. (After all, there’s nothing worse than presenting a gift that they can’t use!)

If you know that the gift receiver wears earrings, pay particular attention to the shape of her face. 

  • Triangular faces: Specialists recommend round, short earrings to balance the sharper face shape. 
  • Square faces: Oval or stud earrings will complement a square face. Hanging earrings ending at the chin may optically enlarge a square face, so try to avoid this length. 
  • Oval faces: Earrings of any shape look great on an oval face.


A bracelet is a great gift idea that will stay with that special someone for years. Depending on the style, bracelets may suit people of any age. You can find a style that fits your budget, from silver bangles to diamond tennis bracelets.


Ideally, it is good to know the finger size when choosing a ring. If you are unsure how to check for sizing, see our Finger Size Guide

Or, you could buy a ring in the stock size (typically size 6.5). Later, at your convenience, you can come in-store for a one-time free ring sizing.* Select Stock Size in the drop down menu. *Learn more.

Don't forget to consider the personal style of the gift receiver. Depending on her style preferences, choose something discreet and universal, or on the contrary—something that stands out. 

Stackable rings (I will attach a link to the collection) are the on trend—chic and great for layering.


What jewellery should I buy for a man?

Not just for women, jewellery is the perfect gift for the special man in your life. Here are some gift ideas for men.

For a modern, confident, independent man, a bracelet made in the form of a thick chain is an excellent choice for everyday use. 

For a personalized touch, choose a signet ring which you can customize with symbols or letters. 

And, you can't go wrong with a classic gift of a chain

If watches are more his style, you could also select from the large selection of watches which suit every personality and fit any budget—gift Guide – How to choose a watch.

And if you're still left undecided, a gift card is always a great option. 


We are here to help you; please send us an email or visit us in-store, and we will propose some options for the best gift your special person will cherish forever!