How to pick the right watch?

If you don’t have a gift for your father yet, a watch is always a great idea! But how to pick the right one?

First of all, in my opinion, it no longer matters if the watch was designed for men or women. Right now, watches with bigger faces are very popular, but there is a limit. The lugs (the inner distance between the strap’s contact points) should not overhang the edges of your wrist. Also, you should concentrate on the widths of the bracelet or the strap. If your wrist is larger, you may want to choose a wider band.

Watches come with metal, rubber, leather, or textile straps. Metal straps will make the watch look heavier and more prominent. Rubber straps are waterproof, flexible, and at the beginning were designed for divers. Fortunately, the time when rubber straps were non-breathable and, as a result, sticky, is over. Leather straps are very stylish and easily form to the wrist. They come in a good selection of colours, and the stitches on them can be visible or hidden. Textile straps are relatively inexpensive- very durable, great for hot weather and very comfortable, but not water-resistant.

Now, how about watch movement? Movement refers to the mechanism which makes the watch function. It can be mechanical, automatic and quartz. The mechanical requires manual winging to operate, the mechanism inside of the automatic watch gets kinetic energy from the wearer’s wrist, and the Quartz is powered by a battery. Typically, the replacement of a battery happens every 1 or 2 years and costs approximately $10.

I truly love watches, and I could write about them for hours, but I cannot miss the point… When buying a watch as a gift, firstly, I would think about what type of clothes the gift receiver wears. Casual or dressy? Delicate or eye-catching? And usually, when you see the right one, you will know it :).  Thanks for reading! I hope this is helpful!

IJ Watch Consultant