Swiss Crown USA Brand at Independent Jewellers

Swiss Crown USA Brand at Independent Jewellers

Swiss Crown USA hand selects the finest pre-owned Rolex watches which are carefully inspected before being completely overhauled, giving you all the performance, precision, and prestige you want with substantial savings. 

All pre-owned Rolex watches from Swiss Crown USA are independently authenticated by outside shops using only Clock and Watchmaker Institute certified technicians (CW21 Technicians). Additionally, each pre-owned Rolex from Swiss Crown USA is examined by Gemworld International Inc., one of the most respected gemological laboratories in the US. Each Gemworld Report includes a detailed description of the watch, a professional photograph, and the serial number that corresponds to the pre-owned Rolex. Each watch is packaged in an elegant Swiss Crown USA presentation box.

Swiss Crown Box



        Every pre-owned Rolex from Swiss Crown USA comes with a two year Limited Warranty from the date you purchased a Swiss Crown USA pre-owned watch, designed to give you peace of mind. Swiss Crown USA's warranty stands behind the work of their technicians trained on luxury Swiss watches - ensuring each watch is as elegant and accurate as the day it was first purchased.This Limited Warranty does not cover the watch case, bracelet, clasp, crystal, crown, stem, damage due to normal wear and tear, misuse, or accident. This Limited Warranty will not be valid if the watch has been tampered with, taken apart or repaired by anyone other than a Swiss Crown USA authorized servicer. 

        Swiss Crown USA is not an authorized dealer nor affiliated with, endorsed or sponsored by Rolex Watch USA Inc. and none of the Swiss Crown USA products are sold, distributed, offered and/or certified by Rolex Watch USA Inc.


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