Lega Brand at Independent Jewellers

In 1985, brothers Levon and Gazer decided to combine their passion for jewellery (and the first 2 letters of their first names) to create Lega Inc.

 At first, they specialized in repairs and custom orders but quickly expanded to wholesale, import and of course, wedding bands. Over the past three decades, Lega is still a family ran business with the next generation working alongside the previous generation. New school technology and convenience combined what old school values and service. All Lega bands are proudly made in Canada and aways will be. With the care and attention put into crafting these rings are second to none. 

To this day, 3 decades later, Lega is still a family run business. The next generation working in conjunction with the old to provide the best product and customer experience possible. New school technology and convenience combined with old school values and service.

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