Demarco Brand at Independent Jewellers

Demarco has a special story and simple goal.
 Provide every woman with an heirloom piece that artistically showcases a fraction of her beauty.

We at Demarco have a very interesting outlook on design of bridal jewelry. Our founder and head designer has instilled an ideology within all of us, “Design and Craft Each and Every Piece as if you were making it for your Mother.” This mentality has kept us on a constant battle within ourselves to create not only unique one of a kind pieces, but to design each piece as if it was our last.

The Demarco Collection is inspired by many aspects of life, from architecture, nature, water and most proud component of the inspiration for every single piece is EMOTION. Every Demarco piece carries a certain emotion about it, some playful others very sophisticated.

The founder and head designer of Demarco also believe that their identity, even as far as gender is insignificant as they feel it is a distraction from the unique collection that are crafted.

We truly hope you enjoy wearing your piece as much as we did creating it.

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